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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet Danielle Holmes author of The Adventures of Cinnamon and Spice

Jasmine Benjamin displaying her first picture book First Day Blues

MyLMNOP welcomes Danielle Benjamin to our Reads to Kids community! Like the other authors featured on MyLMNOP this week, Danielle is also from my hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Yep, we've got some major talent in our small town!  Danielle formed a publishing company, Justice Publishing which features her self-published works:  First Day Blues, Cinnamon Goes to the Zoo,  Backyard Bash, The Adventures of Cinnamon & Spice, and Oh, So Boring Day!,  Oh, So Boring day, is a delightful story that shows how a little imagination creates a whole day of adventure for two school-agers who are sooooo bored!  Let's take a listen as Danielle narrates, Oh, So Boring Day!  Afterwards, click on the blogtalk widget to hear our fun conversation as we discussed Danielle's books, community activities and upcoming projects.

 Oh and take a listen to this video.  SO INSPIRING!


  1. Jazzy/Jasmine Benjamin, Danielle Holmes thank you so much for participating in my salute to hometown authors in celebration of The Week of the Young Child. Thank you so much!

  2. You are so welcome. It was a pleasure! And thank you for the support! ;)

  3. Pam, I'm enjoying your author features. It's great to see so many following there passion. Especially when our youth benefit from it. Very inspirational.

  4. You're certainly right! I'm glad you got that from the interviews. They all are passionate artists.