L-literature M-music N-naming O-oral language P-phonemic awareness,/picture imaging MyLMNOP are the building blocks used to engage early learners in the promotion of expressive language and vocabulary building skills.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

See You In September

I'm off to explore the challenges of higher education.  Yikes!  It's been thirty years.  So it really is like exploring the depths of a "final frontier."  I'll be back with poetry, book reviews, and interviews.

Oh before I go, I wanted to share that two of my first classes were physics and chemistry.  I've never really liked either of these subjects.  Nevertheless, I found as an older learner I have such a new-found appreciation.  So much so, that I've begun a pb draft.  Yeah, I laughed, yawned, and even coughed a bit when the notion hit me.  Yet, it began to appeal to me more and more with each exam that I barely passed.  I'm excited to share this adventure with you.  So, See you in September!