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Monday, April 30, 2012

Phyllis Goes to the Prom!

Dear Susanna!

It's the last day of April and I am writing to you because I miss you, tons.  However, I'm having fun with my friends in Atlanta!!  I have so much to share with everyone.  So I'm sending this letter with some pictures of me and my friends.  It was a whirlwind of activities!  I played soccer, went riding in an F150, and I even got to go to my very first prom.  I'm so excited to share the details with you.  Wait until you see my date.  He's a cutie!

I had two school visits.  First, meet my friends at Little Scholars Academy!

This is Ms. Burrell.  She is the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Little Scholars Academy.  Here we are at circle time.  They read all about my adventures and how I made it through the snowstorm.  "Hey, that's just like swirling, whirling snowstorm in our Bear Hunt book!"  Brian exclaimed.  They read my story of adventure several times that day, ...tee hee. 

After circle time, some friends wanted me to sit for them, while they created these masterpieces of me.  Makenziele said she loved me and drew hearts all around me.  Cameron made me furry all over.  I love the way he drew my paws.

Here I am, down in my burrow on one masterpiece.  Nadia and Ashlyn wanted to show off my glasses.  Aren't I cute?

It's lunchtime.  Boy, how I love corn on the cobb.  I've got the perfect teeth for shaving the kernels, right?

Later that day, we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  I was so excited!  I hope I get lots of eggs.

We made a great team.  We hit the jackpot!  Yummy!

On to the next school visit!  These are my friends at Legacy Academy.  We all decided to hang out on the playground.  It was a beautiful spring day. 

I did get a bit sweaty hanging out on the monkey bars.

While I had great fun at both schools, it was the afterschool stuff that put a really big smile on my face.  I got to pal around with my Legacy Academy school chums on the weekend.  Here I am at the market with Jason.  "Okay Phyllis, what do we get, bananas?  Watermelon?"  "Hmmmm, hard choice.  Let's get both, Jason!"

Jason took me to the barbershop.  He says it's just for the guys but I would be welcomed.  Jason got a little off the top and sides.  I got my fur trimmed.  It's humid in Atlanta! Ahhhh, we look really nice!

Here we are at soccer practice.  Jason's not to sure about me being the goalie.

Wheeeee!  I love riding in a convertible F150.  Go faster, Jason!

Jason reads how I save the day and he loves the part about the maple candy.  "What's that, mom?"  "Shucks, mom says no maple candy before bed."

Prom Night at Little Scholar Academy!
I know you're asking, "Who is this cutie?"  Well he's my date for the prom.  Yes, I was invited to the prom.  Doesn't he look handsome.    Even though it was a formal affair, everyone oooohed and ahhhhed over my green overalls.  Don't we make a beautiful couple? It was a beautiful spring evening.  Only 72 degrees.  There was a beautiful breeze in the air and I knew this would be a special night for me.

Here are the King and Queen of the prom.  The Queen is Tayla.  Remember her from my tour of the King Center, in Atlanta?  The royal couple wore coordinating royal colors...Lovely!

These three are trying to convince me to get out on the dance floor and er...shake my groove thang!  I'm a bit nervous.  They taught me how to do the Wobble.  Oh yeah, girls just wanna have fun!!

"C'mon Phyllis, let's do the Cupid Shuffle!"  "Wow, I got it! I'm doing the Cupid Shuffle!"  I had sooooo much fun.  I could've danced, danced, danced all night."

The next day I visited Shanterria.  It was much hotter.  The temperature had reached 83 degrees!  Shanterria's mom had some errands to run and she let us come along.  "Mommy, turn on the air conditioner, please!"  We went to the parts store.  They had never had a weather predicting groundhog in their store before.  Then Shanterria and I went to her grandma's house.  We went riding on he bike.  I held on tight to the handle bars.  What fun I had in Atlanta, Ga.  Thank you for my special trip to Georgia, Susanna!  I'll be home soon with lots of pictures and autographs for you.

Vats of Maple Syrupy Love, Always,

Phyllis The Weather Predicting Groundhog!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet Danielle Holmes author of The Adventures of Cinnamon and Spice

Jasmine Benjamin displaying her first picture book First Day Blues

MyLMNOP welcomes Danielle Benjamin to our Reads to Kids community! Like the other authors featured on MyLMNOP this week, Danielle is also from my hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Yep, we've got some major talent in our small town!  Danielle formed a publishing company, Justice Publishing which features her self-published works:  First Day Blues, Cinnamon Goes to the Zoo,  Backyard Bash, The Adventures of Cinnamon & Spice, and Oh, So Boring Day!,  Oh, So Boring day, is a delightful story that shows how a little imagination creates a whole day of adventure for two school-agers who are sooooo bored!  Let's take a listen as Danielle narrates, Oh, So Boring Day!  Afterwards, click on the blogtalk widget to hear our fun conversation as we discussed Danielle's books, community activities and upcoming projects.

 Oh and take a listen to this video.  SO INSPIRING!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Self-Published Author of Maddie, "Waaa!" Barbara Drawhorn

Listen to the interview__click the blogtalk icon to the right

As I thought about how I would participate in NAEYC's 2012 Week of the Young Child activities, two things came to mind:  My hometown of Natchitoches and children's books!  My hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana is populated with many gifted, creative people.  Among them__three picture book authors:  Denise Lewis Patrick, Danielle Holmes, and Barbara Drawhorn. What a brilliant way to celebrate, The Week of the Young Child!  I mean, why had I not thought of this before?  Well, sometimes my brilliance arrives as slowly as the flow of Cane Syrup in winter.  Speaking of Cane Syrup Nat Town kinfolk, cane syrup, meat pies, boudin, and file' are all sold at a cute little store in Maaayretta.  Oops, sorry!  I'll post about that another time.  I'm always losing my train of thought.  Must...do...better! 

So as I was saying, Natchitoches has beau coup talent and I am so proud to have a chance to share these artists with you.  Yesterday, I interviewed Denise Lewis Patrick, author of the American Girl_Meet Cecile series.  She discussed her historical collaboration with American Girl author, Sarah Masters Buckey of the Marie-Grace series.  If you missed it, you can click on yesterday's blogtalk icon and listen in.  Tomorrow I will talk with Danielle Holmes, author of the Cinnamon and Spice Adventures.  I am so excited about interviewing her.  Tune in tomorrow and find out why.  

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce another hometown author, Barbara Drawhorn.  Barbara is the author of Maddie, "Waa!"  A story based on her real life granddaughter, Madison.  Listen in on today's blogtalk interview as Barbara details how she came to place her granddaughter on the library shelves of Natchitoches and her journey as a self-published author.  Just click the blogtalk icon to the right.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

American Girl Author Helps MyLMNOP Celebrate Week of the Young Child

MyLMNOP interviews American Girl Author, Denise Lewis Patrick on Blogtalk Radio
Click here & watch the video detailing the back story of this historical American Girl collaboration!!

Thank you visitors, for joining Denise Lewis Patrick & MyLMNOP in a week long celebration of, NAEYC's Week of the Young Child.  The week of the young child was created by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) to recognize quality early learning centers providing premium engagement in early childcare and in early childhood education.

Helping me to kick-start our week is renown author, Denise Lewis Patrick!  Denise has authored and published over thirty books, including her first picture book, Red Dancing Shoes, her award winning book, Midnight Son, and the newest addition to the American Girl  series, Meet Cecile.  (video)

Denise is from my hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana and graciously consented to share her journey in this history making project with the American Girl franchise.  Enough from me.  Let's hear all about it from Denise herself.  Click on the blogtalkradio play arrow and let the learning began!

Be sure to stay for the end, as Denise delivers a special treat for you lovers of poetry.

 American Girl__Meet Cecile
American Girl__Cecile's Gift

Here is how the rest of the week's celebration will line up:

4/24     Hometown Author:                
            Barbara Drawhorn author of Maddie, "Waaa"!

4/25    TBA

4/26     Phyllis, the Groundhog is on the Move Again!
            photo engagement of Phyllis and the kids from
            Legacy Academy and Little Scholars Academy
            in Atlanta, Ga.

4/27      MyLMNOP's favorite children's poem from the
             April A to Z Poetry Challenge
             sponsored by Rena Traxel.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phyllis Does it Again! This Time in Georgia!

Phyllis' World Tour

 "Boy, oh boy,  Ms. Pam!  I see why this city is called, HotLanta!"  exclaimed Phyllis.   It was a humid 80 degrees when the weather predicting groundhog arrived in Atlanta, Ga.   

Author, Susanna Leonard Hill, scheduled a world tour for her latest book,  April Fool, Phyllis!  Due to (ahem) technical difficulties, (cell phone dropped in toilet during the class' potty time) many of our photo engagements did not survive.  Phyllis tried to help in retrieving the pictures, but thought her talents were best suited for predicting snowstorms.  However, the remaining photos show what an amazing time Phyllis had visiting the Peach State!

Phyllis is a Peach

You're Peachy Keen, Phyllis!

Phyllis arrived at Little Scholars Academy on Monday, March 26th at 10:30a.m.  The children at Little Scholars were so excited! Phyllis read the enclosed message & riddle Susanna had written to them.  There were giggles and squeals, and the children began hugging each other.  Phyllis loved that particular spontaneous response from the children.

After a long day of fun everyone was tuckered out!

"I'm gonna be a really good rester for naptime."  says Alayna.  "Does that mean you'd like to rest with Phyllis?  asked Ms. Stephanie.

Tayla Takes Phyllis Site Seeing!

Hi, Susanna!  My name is Tayla.  I took Phyllis to visit the Martin Luther King Center.  I've been before, but Phyllis said it was her first visit. We took this picture beneath a picture of Dr. King and his little girl.  I told Phyllis that Dr. King was a civil rights leader.  He spent his life working for fairness for everyone.

Here we are in front of a statue of Gandhi.  Dr. King and Gandhi believed in non-violence to gain justice for everyone. Dr. King was given a special award called the Nobel Peace Prize.  Dr. King called Gandhi his mentor.  Many thought Gandhi should have received the Nobel Peace Prize but he never did.

This is called The Reflecting Pool.  This is where Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta Scott King are buried.  We have some books that have a Coretta Scott King Award in our Pre-K class.

Susanna, here we are in front of a picture of Rosa Parks. She became a famous person in the Civil Rights Movement too.  We read about her in class. She was very brave.


The next day, Mommy treated me and Phyllis to pancakes at IHOP.  We had a HUGE breakfast.  Mommy said she could never get her pancakes to come out that yummy looking.  "How did you know I like pancakes?"  asked Phyllis.


We had such fun with Phyllis!  I hope everyone enjoys reading about our time together.  That's all for now.  Susanna Leonard Hill, thank you for sharing your friend, Phyllis, with us!