L-literature M-music N-naming O-oral language P-phonemic awareness,/picture imaging MyLMNOP are the building blocks used to engage early learners in the promotion of expressive language and vocabulary building skills.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Here's To Sharing


My love and excitement for children's literature has brought MyLMNOP to the attention of  Terry Doherty.  Terry is a collaborator on the blog,  Share A Story/ Shape A Future.  SaS has asked MyLMNOP to participate in their annual literacy blog tour!  EXCITED!!  For four years, these kindreds of children's literature have used the power of the web to promote and display the talents, skills, and knowledge of kidlit enthusiasts.  This venue brings together creative thinkers who share ideas, opinions, and strategies on how to effectively create an environment that inspire wonder, promote questioning, and encourage exploration in readers!  This year's theme focuses on The Culture of Reading.  The tour runs March 5 - 9.  

Here's what other participants are sharing.  Please drop by each of these blogs and immerse yourself in the excitement of this event!  

The Culture of Reading

Mon, 5 Mar: Creating a reading culture
host: Donalyn Miller @ The Book Whisperer

Tue, 6 Mar: Reading as a passport to other worlds / cultures

host: Carol Rasco @ Rasco from RIF

Wed, 7 Mar: Understanding Readers

host: Terry Doherty @ Family Bookshelf

Thu, 8 Mar: A Reading Universe

host: Terry Doherty @ Share a Story

Fri, 9 Mar: Dear Reader ...
host: Share a Story blog

This annual lit tour has proven an amazing vehicle in bringing together those working to build a generation of avid readers.  I am proud to be asked to join in spreading the good news about children and their energetic engagement in literature.  Again, on Thursday, March 8th, look for my post on  Share A Story/ Shape A Future entitled MyLMNOP__My Process My Journey.

This lit tour coincides with another great event of which the students at Legacy Academy  (one of my ECE__Early Childhood Education facilities) will participate:

World Read Aloud Day is only two days away! If you'd like to participate, go here
for fun activities and other fun downloadables.  Wait, is downloadable a word?  I have shared with my early learners at Legacy Academy  about being a guest on Share A Story/ Shape A Future  as well as our participation in .  They are excited and even want to start their own blog!  How wonderful is that!  Legacy Academy and MyLMNOP are excited and eager to share a look into how our enthusiasts engage in this literacy program. My blog post will be featured here and on Share A Story/ Shape A Future.  Additionally, I'll post photos of our World Read Aloud activities.  I hope to have you come by and take a look.  We'll have a video, pictures, and testimonials from Legacy Academy and share how  MyLMNOPers have fun with reading!


  1. Pamela, you have a wonderful way with words! I love your blog - I love books and always encouraged my children to explore them. Thank you for sharing your favorites!

    1. Thank you Teri for your support! I'm passionate about children's books and about servicing our early learning community with quality literacy engagement.

  2. I'll echo Teri's thoughts. You have a wonderful way of expressing ideas ... both lyrical and vivid. I should have you write copy for the SAS blog!!

    1. Oh Terry, you are too kind! Thank you again for the opportunity of being part of this movement. I look forward to the comments on your blog.

  3. Oh wow! Congrats! How exciting! So happy for you and the many young readers (and bloggers) participating in these events. Love this!!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! I'm having a ball. Make sure to come back on the 8th. My post will be about my journey with kidlit!

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  5. This is one of my favorite blogs and I'm posting a link on my FB Fan Page. Thanks so much!

  6. WoW! Thank you Sandra for the compliment and the support. I must say the feeling is definitely mutual. Your posts on Dare to Dream are great resources as well as inspirational. Keep up the good work. Thank you for visiting!